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2019/2020 Winter season Opening Day

Saturday, November 30, 2019.

Is it better to order on-line and if so, what are the advantages in doing so?

Yes, our special offers (Saturday, recharge, family, Tribe) are WEB exclusives.

Is it possible to recharge several passes on-line onto the same card?

Yes, provided the passes are dated and your card is empty (i.e. with no valid season pass or undated day passes). For example, you can recharge a Saturday special offer for 13/01 and a day pass for Sunday 14/01.

I have a card with non-consecutive day passes still valid; can I recharge with a dated special offer (e.g. Saturday)?

No, the terminal will not recognised the dated special offer and only the undated, non-consecutive days will be used.

Is it possible to buy several passes for different days as part of the same order without including the €2 rechargeable card for each sale?

No, you must place a first order including the €2 and get your card number. Then you can order additional passes. If you do not order sufficiently in advance, you will have to advance the €2 for each pass ordered.

Why are student and free passes (for under 5s and over 72s) not available on-line?

Students must present a student card or certificate of school attendance. A photograph and proof of age must be presented at the sales desk for free passes for children under 5.

Can I cumulate other offers with the family pack?

No, the offers cannot be cumulated.
For example: ski passes sold with ski school for children under 13 in first star or lower levels cannot be cumulated with the family pack.
Passes for children under 5 and seniors over 72 and pedestrian passes cannot be included in a family pack.

How family Insurance works ?

To have the benefit of the Family insurance, a minimum of 4 peaple muste choose Assur Glisse when buying the Family Pack*. The principle : 1 insurance offered for 3 insurance payed.
Exemple : 5 people family pack with insurance = 4 paid insurance + 1 insurance offered
*see access terms to the Family pack on www.sataski.com

How long does it take for an order to be delivered?

1st purchase

A minimum delivery time is given so that we have time to prepare all orders before you come (e.g. order before midnight on Thursday for a ski pass starting on Saturday morning).

Recharge (if you already have a ski card)

You can order right up until the last minute.

Getting reductions

To get your reductions, order 7 days in advance for the family and the tribe pack and for existing client/recharge reductions on 6-day passes or before tuesday at midnight for the best prices.

Promo Samedi

Pour un envoi à domicile : au moins 10 jours avant le samedi choisi. Pour un retrait au guichet au moins 2 jours avant le samedi choisi. Attention : dernier délai mardi minuit pour l’obtention de la meilleure réduction (après, le prix monte chaque jour).

Why do I get an error message when I enter the ski card (keycard) number?

The message disappears once you have finished entering the number and it has been validated: you must validate your number as if there is a mistake, the terminal will not recognise your pass. If this happens, ask for a duplicate from the sales desk.

Which cards can I use?

Only cards whose numbers start with 01-1614 can be recharged, regardless of the resort of issue.

Can I recharge a watch?

No, watches are no more accepted by SKIDATA control system

What documents should I keep in case of a problem?

The order number and transaction summary should be presented for all later queries (lost card, malfunction, etc.).
The same documents will also be required in the event of an accident if you purchased insurance with the ski pass.

Why do I have to enter a login and password when ordering (3rd page)?

When you order for the first time, you create a login and password to enable your skier information and payer details to be archived.
This makes later orders quicker to process.

My payment was not confirmed, what should I do? Do I have to place another order?

Not receiving confirmation does not necessarily mean that your order was not registered. Before ordering again, please ask us to check by phone (+33(0)4 76 33 91 96) or e-mail info@sataski.com

How can I order by post?

Not receiving confirmation does not necessarily mean that your order was not registered. Before ordering again, please ask us to check by phone (+33(0)4 76 33 91 96) or e-mail info@sataski.com

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